Local Voices

We have a wealth of experience in delivering workshops to adults and young people in public, professional and educational settings, on specific aspects of traditional culture, and how to access existing archival resources to develop community or school projects.


Curriculum for Excellence

We often partner with Local Authorities to deliver programmes of workshops in primary and secondary schools, in which pupils and teachers learn how to engage with local traditional arts to gain insight into aspects of local culture. These workshops are designed not only to target the four capacities of the official Curriculum for Excellence, but also to complement existing class projects.

We also offer workshops for adults keen to involve traditional arts and culture in their fields of work, such as local studies services, libraries, museums, and community workers.

Participants learn to use and exploit archival resources of traditional material in projects to suit their clients, and to develop ways to document contemporary folk culture within their own catchment areas.

To read about some examples of our past workshops, please see our Projects page.

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