Local Voices

Many organisations such as charitable bodies, trusts, schools and local authorities are keen to document aspects of local culture, not only to provide a record for posterity, but also to develop projects within their local communities.

Local Voices

Design & Implement

We help these organisations design and implement such projects by providing consultancy services that:

  • Source technical equipment to deliver the best results within the available budget, and selecting appropriate technical standards for audio/video recording
  • Define roles and responsibilities of volunteers and project support staff to ensure that each project is manageable within its desired parameters
  • Address the specific challenges facing each unique project
  • Develop procedures and policies to support a sound ethical and legal structure for engaging volunteers and collecting and publishing material
  • Develop documentation and reports to support the objectives of the project (e.g. training manuals, copyright release forms, etc.)
  • Train staff and volunteers in fieldwork and archival practices and techniques

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