‘Gifting Every Child’ – CPD Workshops

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Local Voices has been commissioned by the Traditional Music Forum to deliver a series of CPD workshops for education providers, musicians and other practitioners to support and supplement the TRACS Gifting Every Child programme. Supported by the Youth Music Initiative.

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ClientCPD Workshops

‘Gifting Every Child’ – CPD Workshops

TRACS has compiled a wealth of traditional songs, stories, dances and other lore as a starting point from which parents, teachers and youth organisations can build their own local collections of folk culture. The aim of the project is to make Scotland a society where every primary child feels welcome and at home, growing in confidence with an outward looking zest for life.

Because folk culture emerges as a natural phenomenon from people associating in small groups, most folklore reflects a local character and identity, meaning that any compilation of traditional material for use in education should include plenty of local items. To that end, Local Voices is partnering with TRACS to deliver CPD workshops for a range of professionals working in education and the arts to supplement the core material of the Gifting Every Child programme. We will be travelling to several locations in the country to help local practitioners gain awareness of the resources of traditional material relating to their local areas, and advising on how projects for young people can be developed using material from these resources.


Workshops will run from 11am-4pm with a 1 hour break for lunch, which will be provided.

N.B. These workshops are free to attend, however places are limited and participants must register in advance by clicking the corresponding hyperlink above and obtaining a ticket; all registrations through Eventbrite, except the Edinburgh workshop, which will be administered by TRACS and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.