Chris Wright

Chris Wright



Hailing originally from Dundee, Chris Wright is a folklorist and ethnologist based in Edinburgh. His lifelong interest in Scottish culture and folklore saw him pursue a Masters degree in Ethnology and Folklore at the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University, and he is currently pursuing a PhD at the Institute looking at the role of traditional arts in place-based education in Scotland.

As a longstanding member of the Kist o Riches sound archive team, Chris works for the project as a Scots-language cataloguer with a speciality in Scots song and balladry. In 2012, he also founded The World’s Room traditional singing club – an open and welcoming place for people to share songs from all kinds of everyday tradition. When time allows, Chris occasionally performs as a traditional singer himself, and sometimes as an accompanist and session musician.

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Phone : 07826075019
Email : [email protected]